Expert Determination

Expert Determination is an Alternative Dispute Resolution process whereby an independent expert is appointed to resolve a dispute – typically a contractual or technical issue or a disagreement over share valuation.

Harwood Hutton forensic accountancy team leader Adam Stronach has been involved in numerous successful expert determination assignments. He has all the qualities and qualifications to perform the role and arrive at a decision to allow the parties to move forward with certainty and without the need to go to court.

We can provide expert determinations that are reasoned or unreasoned. An unreasoned determination simply provides the answer to the matter put to the expert, whereas the reasoned determination explains the expert’s reasoning in reaching the decision. The latter is the more costly option.

When do we get involved?

We work with clients and their legal advisors as required to ensure the work delivered is fit for purpose and provides the end client with value for money.

Why choose Harwood Hutton?