Forensic Accountants for London

Mastery of detail

Clarity of communication

Harwood Hutton is a specialist provider of forensic accountancy, expert witness services and litigation support. Our experts have acted in an expert and advisory capacity for claimants, defendants and as single joint experts.

Our financial forensic accounting team, led by former UK Forensic Expert of the Year Adam Stronach, can help to quantify loss or financial and reputational exposure across multiple industry sectors.

The team combines proven analytical skills with investigative know-how to get behind the numbers and build an accurate picture of financial dealings, one that is robust enough to be used confidently in a court of law.

In the field of forensic dispute resolution, we provide experts who are well versed in producing written reports and with experience of giving oral evidence in courts and before tribunals.

Regardless of the task at hand, we are objective and independent and our work adheres to the highest professional quality and service standards.

Harwood Hutton has offices in central London and in Beaconsfield, just off the M40, and we are pleased to offer a free, no-obligation initial call or meeting.